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Hekla Tower


Staff architect at Ateliers Jean Nouvel

In charge of the superstructure of the tower (Update of the Concept Design, Developed Design, Planning Application)


The Hekla Tower is a tower built by Ateliers Jean Nouvel in the Rose de Cherbourg area of Puteaux, within the La Défense business district.


Height: 221 meters (48 floors)

Gross floor area: 76,000 m2

Facilities: 2 lobby levels, 6 basement levels, 250-seat auditorium, company restaurants, restaurants and bars

Owner: Hines

Certifications: LEED, HQE, BREEAM, WELL

Standards: IGH, ERP, PMR, RT2012


The Hekla Tower is located on the Rose de Cherbourg site.
The site takes its name from the former road interchange of the Boulevard Circulaire de La Défense called “la Rose de Cherbourg”.
The Hekla Tower is located within this former road interchange which will be transformed into a planted promenade while being bordered by the Boulevard Circulaire, the Route de la Demi-Lune and the Avenue du Général de Gaulle.
Behind the 4 Temps shopping centre, the tower remains very accessible, only 300 meters from the Arche de la Défense.
Pedestrian access is possible on two levels.
On the one hand, at the level of the forecourt via the “Bottom Ground floor” at the corner of the Route de la Demi-Lune, and on the other hand, at the level of the planted promenade joining the Boulevard Circulaire via the “Top Ground Floor”.
The project extends over 49 levels + aedicula distributed as follows
– 7 underground infrastructure levels (car parking, bicycle parking and technical levels)
– 1 first floor/street level for delivery
– 2 entrance levels with a bottom lobby and a top lobby
– level 2 with the auditorium
– 3 levels for the RIE (level 3, 4 and 5)
– level 6 which is the technical level of the bottom battery
– office floors (from level 7 to level 49, except level 28 which is the technical level of the top battery)
– a terrace for the management located on level 50 of the tower, with a 360-degree panorama.
For the office program, the total gross floor area (GFA) is 75,876 m2 of GFA, or approximately 95% of the GFA.
The design of the project will integrate high environmental quality and sustainable development approach.
Several certifications are targeted: LEED, HQE, BREEAM and WELL.
The design of the Hekla Tower complies with the regulations in force, in particular: the French Labor Code, the regulations for high-rise buildings (IGH), the regulations for establishments receiving the public (ERP), which will apply to the auditorium and to the floors above ground level (48F and 49F), the regulations relating to accessibility for the disabled, and the RT 2012 thermal regulations.

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