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Sisters towers


Staff architect at Agence Christian de Portzamparc

In charge of the digital model of the hotel tower (Planning Application)



Sisters towers is the name of a skyscraper project (one office and one hotel) designed by the 2Portzamparc agency located in Courbevoie in the La Défense business district.


Height: Office tower (T1) – 229 m | Hotel tower (T2) – 131 m

Gross floor area: Office tower – 74 000 m2 | Hotel tower – 21 000 m2

Facilities: Footbridge, Auditorium, Restaurant, Sports hall, Swimming pool

Owner: Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield


Located on the esplanade of La Défense, the project is situated between two emblematic buildings, the CNIT and the Grande Arche, on the most active square of the vast business district.
The program intended by SCI CNIT Développement consists of two towers linked by a “manned bridge” under which the Carpeaux footbridge passes, crossing the circular boulevard.
This position is exceptional, but the basement, occupied by the railway tracks, conditions the constructability and the very form of the project. The two towers must extend beyond the polygon formed by the possible locations of their foundations. They find their surface in height, developing in cantilever towards the esplanade.
They are presented as three curved leaves that seem to spring up towards the sky. This figure curves leaves on the facades of the towers conceived as “pierced” sails, load-bearing “shells” that work like consoles on a great height, taking advantage of the irregular shape of the ground. This theme of sails resonates with the curvature of the CNIT shell.

The structural shells (“pierced sails”), enveloping the buildings on the lower floors, are covered by a protective skin of glass screen-printed with fine white lines that allow the view to pass through, but filter UV rays. Above these hulls, cubic volumes are tiered and form an inhabited cliff. A footbridge connects the two towers T1 and T2, about 80 m high at its lowest point.
These two towers and the bridge that connects them house different programs:
Tower T1 houses offices and services and it totals: three levels of infrastructure (Basement 1 to 3), two levels of mediastructure (R00 and R00 mezzanine, R01) between the half-moon road and the slab, 50 levels of offices (from D00 to D50, excluding D21), premises and technical terraces at D21, D51 and D52.
From D05 to D20, and from D23 to D50, the office floors are organized in duplexes constituting a compartment on two levels.
These double levels are connected by a staircase. The office tower has a total projected workforce of 5800 people.
The T2 tower houses a 4-star hotel with approximately 273 rooms and 36 rooms of the hotel residence type, totalling: four infrastructure levels (Basement 1 to 4), two levels of medias (R00 and R01) between the ground floor and the floor of the hotel.
(R00 and R01) between the half-moon road and the slab, 30 hotel floors (from D00 to D30, excluding D26), including the bridge, technical premises and terraces at D26 and D31. The hotel tower and the bridge have a total projected workforce of 1300 people.
The bridge is linked to the hotel and offers a large hall, a restaurant and a panoramic bar, a business center, a wellness area and a swimming pool.

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